Registration for the 2019 tournament opens on January 15 and closes March 1

Identify Your Role:


This is an individual 21 years of age or more that will serve as the team’s chaperon during the tournament. Unless otherwise indicated by your Regional Registration Chair, each team is allowed one coach free of registration charge.

Check out this AMAZING video for Registrars registration from MIST Atlanta HERE


  • Each team needs one.
  • Previously known Registration-In-Charge.
  • Can be a competitor on the team, the team coach, or any parent affiliated with the team.
  • Needs to make sure that competitors are registered in a timely manner and signed up for the correct competitions.
  • Can organize and make any changes to the competitions that team members are signed up for.
  • Must be an individual of maturity, responsibility, and organization.

Check out this AMAZING video for Registrars registration from MIST Atlanta HERE


Any team member registered for a competition is considered a competitor. The team Registrar can also be a competitor.

Check out this AMAZING video for Competitor Registration from MIST Atlanta HERE



Step 1

Make sure your school Registrar emails to obtain a “School Code! Then, he/she must create a username (see steps 2-3) and send an email invitation to every student and coach on his/her team with the school code.

Step 2

To register for a MIST tournament each individual on the team and the coach must create a MIST username at In order to create a username you must have a unique valid, working email address. Only one username can be created per email address.

Step 3

Once you have submitted your request for a username, an email will automatically be sent to you to confirm your request and give you a password.

You will be able to use the same username each year to sign up for tournaments.

Registration Instructions

Step 1

Registrar creates the team and invites team members and coach to the team.

  • This step is only for the team Registrar who needs to create the team. This can be done by clicking on the Create a Team task. When creating the team, the “Team Name” should be different from the high school name (ex. school name is Alexander High School and team name is Servants of Allah). Once the Registrar has created the team, the competitor and coach will notice that Team Created under their task chart has become a green check.
  • The Registrar needs to invite team members to the team. This can be done by clicking on the task Invite Team Members. Once you click on it, you will be asked to enter the names and email addresses of your team members into a field one at a time. Once the Registrar invites team members, all invited individuals will be sent an automatic invitation email. They will then be able to create a MIST username.
  • The Registrar needs to invite the coach to join the team. This can be done by clicking on the task Invite Coach in the task menu.

Step 2

The coach, Registrar, and competitors all need to join the team.

Once the Registrar has completed Step 1 the team has been created and all team members and the coach have been invited. The next step is for all invited individuals to create a username, if they have not yet done so, and join the team. This can be done by clicking the task Join a Team under the task chart. Registrars need to approve or deny each individual who joins the team. Click on the “Teams” tab on the top of the page. Here you will be able to view any pending applications. Once the green check appears next to this task on the task chart this step has been completed.

Step 3

Once you have joined the team, it is time to register for your competitions. (If you are not a competitor, you must be registered as a guest through your registrar.) The coach does not need to complete this step. You can register for competitions by clicking on the task Register for Competitions under the task chart. Pick the competitions you will be competing in by choosing it from the appropriate drop down menu. Make sure that your team is on the same page when it comes to who is competing in what. Remember that only two individuals per team can compete in any given competition other than group projects and Islamic Scholastic Bowl. After two individuals have signed up for a competition from your team, the system will not allow you to register for that competition. You may make changes to the competitions you are signed up for up until the team registration is sent to the coach for approval by the Registrar (Step 7). All competitors need to register for competitions.


Video Walk Through

Check out MIST Atlanta's amazing tutorials for Competitors, Coaches and Registrars


If you have any questions or need help please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.