Our Judges are integral to ensuring that our students are evaluated with the highest of standards. 

We're looking for the judges and competition heads who have the courage (and the professionalism) to forge that change- the kind that improves, betters, and inspires the people around them.

Do you have it in you?

Apply below if you'd like to be a judge:

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Phone Number
Must be over 21 years old
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Please select the competitions you would be interested in or believe you are qualified to judge. You may choose more than one in the same category, but will only be selected for one competition per category. Be aware of the time and day of the competition, and do not select a competition that is outside your availability. Keep in mind, we ask all judges to come 1 hour prior to their competition for training, and to expect to stay 1 hour after the competition to complete any ballots or extra feedback.
Category 1: Knowledge & Qur'an
Saturday, April 6: 12-2pm
Category 2: Arts
Friday, April 5: 8-10pm
Category 3: Writing & Oratory
Sunday, April 7: 11am-1pm
Category 4: Brackets
Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7
Category 5: Group Projects
Saturday, April 6: 4-6pm
What experiences make you qualified to be a judge for your selected competitions?
Do you have previous MIST experience?