How do I create a team?

You can start by having you and your peers at your school fill out pre-registration. Once official registration opens, you will be able to register your school as a team.

When Does Registration Happen?

Registration opens on January 15 and closes on March 1. Visit our registration page to learn more!

Who can join my team?

A team can consist of any number of competitors who attend the same school. Any student can join your school's team regardless of faith or gender. Homeschool students can join the team of local highschool or create their own team.

When and where is mist?

The 2019 Dallas Tournament will be held on from April 5-7 at the UT Dallas Campus. Sign up for our mailing list to receive logistical updates!

What do coaches do?

Coaches play a vital role in making sure a team is properly organized and registered for the tournament. They also make sure competitors are prepared for their competitions and chaperone the team throughout MIST weekend.

Is mist free?

Competitors and spectators pay a fee to attend and benefit from the MIST experience. The fee goes toward covering aspects of the tournament such as the venue and award ceremony. MIST is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) non profit educational organization.




wHo can compete at MIST?

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 19 who has not yet graduated highschool is welcome to compete at MIST. Competitors still in 8th grade must submit a short essay detailing why they want to compete at MIST. Don't worry if you aren't eligible to compete! You can find other ways you can be involved here.

What is the Mist theme?

The MIST tournament is centered around a theme every year. You can get an idea of what themes are by checking out themes from previous years.

What can I compete in?

All competitions are open for all competitors to a degree. No previous experience is required for any competition, so feel free to leave your comfort zone and try something new! Each student may compete in at most one competition per category. Check out the Competition Overview page for more information on competitions and categories. Certain competitions only allow a limited number of competitors from each individual school team.



What is the Award ceremony?

The Award ceremony is one of the most exciting parts of MIST. It's where the hard work of the competitors and teams get recognized in front of parents, coaches, and their peers. Team spirit is at an all time high throughout the entire event. Winners of every competition are awarded and selected to represent Dallas at MIST Nationals!

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers play an essential role in making sure MIST Weekend is successful. Volunteers are needed to fill dozens of roles throughout the weekend from competition judges and coordinators to registration guides. Sign up to learn more about volunteering at MIST here.

Who can be a coach or volunteer?

A coach can be anyone who is at least 21 years of age or older and either a(n):

  • Teacher from the high school of the participants.
  • Parent of one of the team’s participants.
  • Sibling of one of the team's participants.
  • Community organizer from the community of the participants.
  • Administrator from the high school of the participants.

Volunteers are young professionals, college students, and community organizers who realize that no movement ever starts with a single person. The most important qualification for a volunteer is to believe in the potential MIST Dallas has to revolutionize how the next generation thinks of family and identity.