MIST hosts over 35 different competitions during each tournament. Competitions are divided into 6 categories, and each competitor can participate in at most one competition per category. Below are brief descriptions of each competition offered. For more detailed insight as to how each competition works, check out last year's official  rulebook here and don't forget to see how you can be involved.

Category I: Knowledge and Qur'an

Qur'an Memorization

Reciters are tested for both memorization and tajweed proficiency. Multiple skill levels offered. Brothers and sisters compete seperately.

Knowledge Tests

Study and prove your knowledge over one of several pre-selected texts.

Category II: Arts

2D Art

Put your inspiration on canvas.

3D Art

Think you have what it takes to be the next great sculptor?

Fashion Design

Get inspired by the MIST theme to become the next fashion phenomenon.

Graphic Design

If you’re the Photoshop or Illustrator whiz that everyone goes to for event flyers, the graphic design competition is for you. Pixelate away!


You see everything as an opportunity for the perfect photo. Those other artists, yeah, they’re cool - but you prefer a lens and the dark room for your creative pursuits.


Produce original, unique culinary creations related to this year’s theme. Students will be judged on the taste, technique, presentation and originality of their culinary creations.

Category III: Writing and Oratory

Extemporaneous Essay

Competitors are allotted 60 minutes to compose a handwritten essay on a randomly selected topic related to the theme.

Extemporaneous Speaking

The art of extemporaneous speaking is not for the faint-hearted. Delivering a coherent, engaging, and moving speech, is easy enough, right? Now try doing that on the spot with only 15 minutes of preparation!

Original Oratory

Competitors present a memorized original oration within a seven (7) minute period. The oration must relate back to the theme, but also be applicable to a general audience.

Poetry: Written

Competitors must submit an original piece of poetry never before published within a 40 line limit. The piece must clearly relate back to the theme, but also be applicable to a general audience.

Poetry: Spoken Word

If you’re more of the performer type of a poet, then spoken word is for you! Here’s your chance to convey your passion and originality, all while inspiring those around you.

Prepared Essay

Have you been inspired by this year’s MIST theme? The prepared essay you! Here’s your chance to convey your passion and originality, all while inspiring those around you.

Short Fiction

Competitors are to submit an original work of fiction no longer than 10 pages that relates to the theme and can also be applied to a competitor-de ned target audience. Illustrations are permitted for younger intended audiences.

Category IV: Bracket Competitions


Do you have the poise of a public speaker and the convincing tone of a scholar? Join debate to compete with others who are just like you.


Does the sound of a quiz bowl buzzer and recalling knowledge in seconds give you an adrenaline rush? Are you the kid that knows a little bit of everything, from the geography of China, to the poetry of Rumi? Then MIST Quiz Bowl is the competition for you!

Math Olympics

Think you have what it takes for the olympics? Earn the title of true Math Olympian in this intense battle of numbers.


This competition is a fun way to display your creativity under spontaneous and timed circumstances. Each team must impress the judges in various hypothetical scenarios while under pressure to think on their feet and make the audience laugh! Brothers and sisters compete seperately.

Category V: Group Projects

Business Venture

This competition encourages you to think about the business world, become a philanthropist, and market your own products. Familiarize yourself with modern trends and market values, while developing your own fantastic product or service!


The nasheed/ rap category is ideal for anyone who desires to write unique lyrics and use their singing skills to capture people’s attention about topics they are passionate about. Brothers and sisters compete seperately.

Community Service

A new competition that is a combination of Research Methods and Community Service; Show us your next great research idea by focusing on your community. How can you improve your community? Conduct a research project that demonstrates your intellectual and critical thinking capabilities. Come up with a creative and effective plan of action to serve a need.

Science Fair

Are you an aspiring scientist? Do you love research? Then this competition is for you! Design, conduct and share the results of your own study to a panel of esteemed judges. Don’t forget to use the scientific method!

Short Film

Showcase your editing, directing, and acting skills! Make a documentary, drama, comedy, thriller or animation to convey a particular message to the audience while relating your lm to the MIST theme.

Social Media

Have media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter taken over your life? Have you started either reading or seeing more blogs? Take your online social habits to the next level by creating a social media presence for your MIST team!

Mobile Applications

Our newest addition to the group project category. Put your coding skills to the and see if you have what it takes to hack together a real working app!

Category VI: Sports


A full day competition hosted in professional facilities. Brothers and sisters compete seperately.


A full day competition hosted in professional facilities. Brothers and sisters compete seperately.